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To everyone that’s been bullied or did the bullying. 

To everyone that ever thought less of themselves. 

To everyone that thought they’re better than someone else. 

To you who got called names and you who did the name calling.











Hey. Don’t just scroll past. Come back and watch this. You need it more than you know.

holy shit.

the time out of your day to watch this will not be wasted, I assure you.

By about the 2:00 I was sobbing.

I scrolled halfway past and then thought “okay i’ll see what it’s about”

Definitely the correct choice. Watch it.

They. Were. Wrong.

oh god the actual tears on my face

my english teacher showed us this in class the other day. When it was over, I looked around to see reactions. Half the class had these awkward, slightly uncomfortable grins, and half were staring frozen at the screen. You could really tell who this affected.

Oh my… You ALL need to watch this. Very little affects me the way this video did: literally shivers and tears. Please give this a watch.

ugh we watched this in English and me and a couple other people had to leave cause we got so emotional and we got to talking and it turned out we all had experiences like something in this and now we’re besties 

I was like ‘yeah okay what’s this gonna be then’

holy shit you better watch this

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this made me cackle 

Next up should be Mickey and Minnie 

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My fav celebrity BFFs hands down!
Feb 18, 2014

My fav celebrity BFFs hands down!

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It’s a Wolf’s World.

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Wish I can feel you touch my skin one more time..
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Wish I can feel you touch my skin one more time..

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at 12:00 am on january 1st I better have either another person or a bottle of vodka on my lips


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